love is in the airrrr people!!!

Iskandar Widjaja-Hadar

standing ovation for his show last sat nite. he perfomed one of César Franck (1822- 1890) The Violin sonata A-major.

he was sooooooo in to the masterpiece. it was like, the appreciation applause went in the middle of the song with the screaming “yeah!” and it was awkward since the song had not finished yet people were giving a very loooong appreciation. until he said “hehehe…not over.” and smiled. and it was like there was three (i’m not so sure the ammount) pauses (i dont know the term for music) after that, and people like dont want to take it granted as ‘over’, until he gave the bow out. and i did the standing ovation.

i was like stunned with his arrogant yet serious face, and the performance of course.

and at the back stage, i came to see him and gave the origami of rose from a tissue which was Albareno’s made, i was like having no thoughts of any relationship afterward, simply as a fans’ taking gut giving an appreciation to the idol..

but once he turned his face to me, i was like stunned with his ganteng face. Allahu akbar, Subhanallah… he was there, soooooooo GANTENG! i was like loosing all my common sense and start blubbering.. hahahahaha,..

i was like “may i give you this flower? your show is so lovely..”

and what kind of talking was that? hahahahahaha…

and he is smart. and by seeing how he treats his violin i was like, in a sudden, got the idea of how he treats women.. hahahaha…overthink.

anyway… he spreads the love in the air by his show! that i can feel L.O.V.E. in his show…


4 thoughts on “love is in the airrrr people!!!

  1. virna medina says:

    haaaa! my cousin Issi… 😀

  2. virna medina says:

    of course I am… heheh…my mum and his dad are siblings. salam kenal mba 🙂

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