a house near by the beach, please just respect that i have this dream..



this is how i pictured my self in 40-50ish…

while i was at my junior high, there was a teacher, asking my dreams. i said ‘to be a rich person’.. who would be able to buy a house near by the beach, and so i could see the beach through the windows, and so i could jog in the morning, and snorkling or diving once in a while . wew…

but then he said ‘you think you would be able to earn money that much if you stay near by beach? since usually a big city where you could earn money are not a beach material.’

i just dont get why people could not just let people having a dream which sounds so dreamy.. hahahahahaha…

though, now i began to worry that i wont find a perfect beach which is still ‘virgin’ and will still be virgin for a quite long period, and with the perfect sand so that you could run/walk with bare feet. wow.

i am going to respect my dream as well as other’s dream. that having the gut to dream is the initial effort of living the dream.


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