atta boy #2

ir: “kamu kok jadi agak kasar gini??? jadi agak cowok gitu…ihhhh… mana jadi vulgar pula!”
me: “hahahaha… sepertinya pengaruh brondongs bersaudara… ”
ir: “ihh… kamu jadi beda kalo berteman sama brondongs.”
me: “abis mau gimana lagi… temenan sama yg kayak kamu gak awet… gak lama temenan, sering jalan, eeeh tau2 kawin, jadi sok sibuk gitu…hahahahahaha…sibuk bikin dedek”

~live is full of choices, eventhough my choices for now is not that much, haha. no no… dont get me wrong, i’m happily living my life to the fullest. that i could feel happily blessed for whatever Allah has or has not give me. one of the blessing is to be friend with brondongs, guess i should work on the vulgar talking and any else changed and i would stay the same yet get the benefits of being their friend~


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