bandung report.. #3

once, we gathered to produce a board of announcement of people who passed the first test, when suddenly a boy come out of nowhere, and stand next to us.

he: “apa ini, mas?”

my friend #1: “pengumuman buat test besok senin mas. didepan ada kok yg buat pendaftar hari ini, ini yang lengkap, kalo buat yg hari ini liat yg didepan ajah…”

he: “ooo ada yah?”

my friend: “iya, liat yg di depan ajah. daftar hari ini kan?”

he: “iya…” he stand still instead. “oooh ada yah…”

me: “gimana mas?”

he: “ada yah?”

my friend: “apanya?”

he: “ada saya gak disitu?”

we all and like simultaneously: “EMANG KAMU SAPA???? Mana kita tau?”

*I am very confused… the youth this era, having a great mark of GPA, bok selangit! their style of fashion is also amazing, boook gayanya nyundul langit! but when it comes to speaking i suddenly sneer… *


2 thoughts on “bandung report.. #3

  1. gHina says:

    well mbak upi,
    you will amaze how many of ITB student yang suka ga nyambung gitu
    ngomong kemana pikiran kemana

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