spaghetti, pasta, sauce… and the essential

eat pray love have taken me to the appetite of eating spaghetti and pizza.

so there I was at PH (don’t really in to the pizzas actually) and there I am googling on spaghetti and the essential.

Pasta = spaghetti, fettucine, rigatoni, bucatini…

spaghetti = thin, silindrical, looks like udon (japan)

pic: wikipedia

fettucine = little ribbon, so it looks like kwe tiau

pic: wikipedia

rigatoni = silinder tube like pipe, sometime slightly curved.

pic: wikipedia

bucatini = silinder and long with hole running through the centre, more like rigatoni but long like spaghetti

pic: wikipedia


for the sauce they have red, green, white, brown, bechamel’s family and sooooo many other.

Bolognese (italian) or bolonaise (french) = meat based sauce for pasta originating in Bologna, Italy. the original recipe has a very lil concentrate of tomato sauce. though it is very popular outside bologna with the name of spaghetti alla Bolognese, this spaghetti is not existed in Bologna

aglio e olio = garlic and oil

carbonara = based on eggs, pecorino romano (sheep milk cheese), guanciale (pork), and black pepper. the name came from it is firstly served for the italian carchoal worker.





6 thoughts on “spaghetti, pasta, sauce… and the essential

  1. rifqie says:

    satu lagi mbak upi, di saus pesto
    yang dari daun2an warna ijo..
    ihhh…mana enak..yang namanya pasta enaknya pake saus berdaging. iya ga? 😀

  2. eci says:

    jumat lalu nyicip pasto bumbu daun ijonya Momon pas jalan ke GI, iiiyuuuhh gak enak

  3. hahahahahaha…
    ahhh… marzono…
    iku wenak bianget… nget nget…hahahahahaha… hiperbolaaaaa…

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