yay! i have got my inet access!

hahahahaha… this is sooo making my day!

and i got the chance to blog regularly again.

random facts from 1Nov-now:

🙂 my dad send me a package and he, for the countless times, wrongly type my name! and voila i became a Maryama! lovely!

🙂 enjoying this small new group. which is i dont know why make me feels like addicted. whenever they are around, i feel extremely happy, and whenever they are not, i feel soooo tragically lonely. ai guys! thank you for being you guys!

🙂 enjoying this seriously uncontrolled insulting (supposedly in a normal conv), filthy and nasty talking with a friend. that sometime the talking bites, and we laugh at it. i feel sooo blessed to this. he draws smile.thank you for being you.

🙂 and last nite i thought, Allah has love me sooo much. He take good care of me. He sent me friends to build my smile and to kill the time. and i will enjoy any second of it. whatever it is.

🙂 sometime before, i gave a friend a shirt. and he seemed not liking it. :(. anyway, he wore it finally! and i’m happy for that! at least it wont be mubadzir.

🙂 i submitted some docs. and i am very happy! today i start to breaking down a new sizing spreadsheet. and seeing the amazing spreadsheet that made by local who is having year of experience that is not so much diff with me, got me thinking, i have to be able to make one someday, therefore i have to understand any detail of the formula! SEMANGAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!

🙂 i got this free return tickets to fly home. i got them from a Anisatur. she’s soooo generous. waw! wish all her wishes come true, and may Allah give her blessing as much as she sincerely gave.

that’s all i can think of today… i’ll catch up once i remember the others.

😦 my hormones are killing me. i even exploded to no reasons. i cried like a girl! hahaha… and i sweat small stuff to not just think it as a big problems but also to creatively overthink it.





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