meeting old friends

last week end, i met this old friend of mine. let’s just call this one ‘A’.

once i ever had a very close relationship with A. so close that i often take a nap together. it was a great memory back then. we have this habbit to chuck out from class and go to aquarius (it was a very happening cassette store back then). and we listen to new musics and rarely buy it. hahahaha…

last weekend i met A. A is way darker than before. and having a neat hair cut. before, it was quite long and never been neat.

i find out, me and A still are the same person. i can tell from all the habbits A has.


what i know, A likes games and card game soooo much. and so smart that I have never even had one chance to be a winner whenever A plays.  Mention any game. truff, poker, cangkulan(iki bahasa inggrise opo to?), all card game, A is the master.

A called me “mbak” something that i cannot push A to leave it.

and yesterday, A called me “mbak”. i hate this part, since A called so many other person, older with his/her name only. but me, when it comes to me, A call me “mbak”. hahahahahahaha.. may be i deserve one. hahahahaha…

A’s left thumb’s nail is long, and right’s one is cut neatly.

and i have this habbit to hold the thumb whenever A’s around. wew. and we got caught by a lecturer because of that. hahahahaha…but i kept holding. and yesterday… this is something i resisted to keep but i cant stand. i hold it, for a while! hahahaha…

and A’s sikut (iki bahasa inggrise opo to?), also different from the other. thicker and darker. and i have this habbit to hold it instead to hold the whole arm. wew… and soooooo… i touch it. and it felt the same! hahahahahaha…

ahhhh… same old same old. and we stopped by in just to listen music. and to catch up things. ahhhhh i miss those time. when I have simpler rules of my life.

and the last what i enjoy most from our relationship was. A’s a good enjoyer of life. that any kind of trouble will pass by, and back to normal. so why bother think?

it’s just good to meet old friend. remembering those priceless time. and so i will do my best to keep A in my circle. whatever it takes!



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