yippiee yay! it got it’s signal

lately i speak senteces which has two or even more meanings. i dont know why, and i my self who’s  the only person who knows what are the meanings. yes.

like the title. i dont want to explain any other meaning, except the main meaning.

off we gooooo…

i have this new modem. a cdma.my brother’s recommendation. and he recommended it way ooooover what i should have been aware of before. it’s just my bad habit to rely on man! and when there is a man around, i become dumb and easily put a trust on hum.stupid lah. soooo, my brother said that this provider is having a great signal and speed near by the neighboorhood. and instead of checking the review whether it has the same recommendation nearby my hood, i bought it pronto! great upi!!!such a waste!

and yeah. it is good, but just not in my hood, yay! it rhymes.


hehehe… buuuuuuuutttt…. when it is raining outside, it is good again!

and i enjoy it by now!


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