ada hawa enteeeeng dijakarta raya people!

disclaimer heavy reading, for those who have no intention of thinking or reading such a heavy writing please do not read this post.


i dont know which one better, or am i right or not, anyway let me finish my story first…at least…

today i went to my uncle’s in bekasi. he’s a big guy in process engineering. as a wannabe, i feel soooooo much ignited when he talks much about this field. and this also happened today. yay! i felt sooooo much ignited. and as i found that i still have something to achieve. and that also was my aim of moving office. that i will have a better opportunity to explore more of my brain, and to achieve.

and he gave me bad and good picture. i dont want to talk bad here. i want to talk the good things.

yes. i wanted to move because i wanted to be more occupied. yes. but indeed this past 1 month that is not what i’m doing. i’m not that in to the aim no more. i remembered the first year of my carreer, nothing could stop me to learn. like i would spend sooooo much nite to dig some doc. and would do anything even to put my dignity aside, yes. i made a blog, to share what i have learnt and make it as simple as i could so that people from other discipline could understand it better. and i should admit, that it wasnt easy to keep up. and i stopped finally that i dont have idea to be written of.

and i made this small-small goal steps to get the big goals. and i just dont know why in our uncle-me talking today,  i dashed to remember that i have them nolonger with me anymore,the goals. i mean, they all still in my mind. but no longer in my attitude. i just dont know why.

and the funny stuff, my friends, yanu and irma, they both talked behind me about this when i was at my uncle, not in a bad behind talking, but yeah, they said… it might be because I am now becoming an easy squeezy or they called it enteng pol. hahahahahaha… and i just dont know how is the best way to express it in my writing. ha.ha.ha.

and so i feel the same way of them both. i feel people are more cheerful, and easy, and lower their standard of happiness into nothing. and start to enjoy it.wew…

someday i ever asked a friend of mine. what was it like to be graduated after 7year, instead of 4year as normal? he said, i’m fine. i feel okay. and no regret. wew. soooo easy saying that. if it was me i will be soooo much pressurized, stressed.

and my point of view, to me the definition of enteng pol might be enjoying live, to be gratefull of what Allah has given me and to be gratefull of what Allah has not given me. and by not standardizing our own definition of happiness.

and so by being enteng, people surround u could be attracted to be one. and so it circle. and the circle is getting bigger and bigger…and to make you even more enteng. wew…

ahhhh… and sooooo… i dont know whether this is good or not, but yeah. i dont want to think it further. just want to live it the way it is…yay!


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