how do we hide the unhideable?

out of nowhere, gw tiba2 keinget ini kalo pernah gw pengen bikin postingan ini, tapi lupa2 krn poor access…

pernah ada temen gw yg bilang. “upi, km kalo ada cowok yg ngedeketin, kmnya jangan cepet blushing, nanti cowoknya ketakutan.”

awalnya gw sempet setuju. karena emg beberapa cowok agak aneh… ngedeketin, tapi giliran kita blushing dikit, atau react dikit, dianya takut… hahahahaha… gak pengen judging any male,

but, true… how do we hide the unhideable. speaking of whose, mine laaaa!

how do we flush the blush? wew… it rhymes!

i’m not the type of girl who can hide the unhideable. the feeling it self who come up to the surface. my face is blushing. i can not speak. and things.

having feeling sometime planned, sometime unplanned is like the more you want it badly the worse it is attacking you. so, less hope or at least let God decide. if you could handle the attact, go a head. me not. too much attact i have faced in life. hahahahahahaha…curcol…

buat orang lain, mgkn gampang dan ok to hide the unhideable. to me it is unhideable. well at least mosttime.



One thought on “how do we hide the unhideable?

  1. monsieur memememe says:

    im the total opposite, the person whom i like will never see any sign of love, being attracted, whatsoever from me, until i decide to do so

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