i’ll leave my hands live my life…

yesterday was a girls-nite-out. i went to Plaza Indonesia…and had a great time together with friends who are girls, and had time together…

it was quite fun, since it’s been quite long since the last time i went out with only girls. and lately i go out with friends who are boys (why i have to do this, because it would be nastier if i said boy friends) (boys like really boys…haha! i hope i dont have to explain).

these are the differences:

🙂 when you go out with girls, we normally hate shitting/stopping too long in one place just to talk. we normally walk around and see around and find a visual and able to be touched and make them as a triger of a topic.

we are at a clothing store>>we see interesting clothes>>we talk bout what kinda clothes we want to see in a man>>we talk about our man>>we curcol! hahaha!

we are at a accessories store>>we talk about how man can not understand how to appreciate them>>we curcol!! hahaha!!

anything laaa… that leads to a heart to heart session. and eventually our feet a bit numb, then we know that’s the time for us to stop. and when you got home, it felt pain on both your legs. but you are happy because of the heart to heart sessions.

🙂 when you go out with boys, they normally like to sit in a place, and talks. nice flowing talks will leave us hours at one place. but then it soooo many time bores you because we just talk. and lately i found the idea of bringing cards or games just to ease the butt pain. hahahaha…

🙂 when you go out with girls we only need a “sale” word to tease the spirit to come. voila, like a bunch of girls be there, and hair and dress do! wew! they kinda have the energy to bring up the effort. yay!

🙂 when you go out with boys, the word “sale ” can definitely not teaset them to come as easy as for girls. no can do! they need some solid big plan. such as, movie, eat, or to buy stuffs. wew…

any hoooo…

i was at PI that time, and have a moment in front of a bag and pairs of shoes that is soooo valueable moment. this bag, is my signature bag style. a bag with a long rope (?), big enough to put my whole world, but looked small, and comfy, and i like the color. but this bag cost you everything!

a friend aske me, why do you like the long rope (?) ones? i said, to leave my hands freely live my life.

and the shoes, recently i have a thing on total covering shoes. i dont know how to call it. but i was head on heels on this zara shoes. i was like about to bring the shoes to the cassier if i havenot had this thought that i dont have money left in my debet card because i have drained them to save. phew! thanks God you save once again. haha!


One thought on “i’ll leave my hands live my life…

  1. rifqie says:

    lho, bukannya boy-boy (boys) itu yang jenis pecinta sale juga, mbak upi? :p

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