this is soooooo good!

i am now having this new inet provider. hahahahaha… dont know if it is the best provider of all, dont really care.. but yeah, it is much better compare to the previous one. yay!

random facts that are happening in my life:

i am now in the middle of the struggling phase. fight against the blue hormonal attacks. i dont know if it is really because of hormones, but apparently it appears like once a month and 1 week before my period upto the middle of the period phase.

last friday i came out with these trio labils (it’s a nickname created by one of the member who apparently is idol-ing rony sianturi, one of the member of trio libels, the famous boy band from indo at the time, who actually inspired them to make the trio labils. hahahaha..jk guys..). and i feel soooo terrible, by ruined their cheer nite. i just couldnt help it. i felt sooo blue, sad that i was about to cry. but i dont want to. 😦

i’m thinking of going back to the former office. i dont know what, how, and why, anyway…i’m thinking of this option. and probably have to find out and collect some data to build the decision.

i find this new group for lunch, and it felt i’m becoming sooooo me when i’m around this group. so, i think i will spend sometime in one week for them. yay!

i copied a few movies and video clips from a friend who is very generous and having a big storage. he has some movies i like. and dying to watch. yay!

i miss mbak irma and the possitive talkings. and mbak anceh… and the flowing talking… and ojan…with cela2an… hhuhuhuhu hu i miss all the way before.:(



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