In a relationship

there is this guy, named carl in my office. he’s sooooo provoking. he teases hot girls, he insults peeps in a fun way ..and he likes to tease this other guys, named naz. carl and naz are shoting each other just to laugh on it.naz calls carl, gendut guy. and naz is  proud of him self that he has a good shaped body cause he likes sport sooooo much..but then carl always tease naz as naz is a chem eng. who moves to project management and that no body will trust any of his talking since he’s not competence on his job.

naz and carl both shoting each other and both “ngeles” smartly. both are great process eng.s

one day, carl was assigned for 3weeks. moreless… and there it was, naz, has no longer someone to insult to … no longer have someone to share to.. he is sad, and boring. come  to the office, work, and go home. that’s all. and he miss carl..

to me , all i can say is carl and naz are involved in a relationship. an odd relationship..



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