search and listen

This is one thing I see on relationships. That nothing is easy. No position is really doing nothing. Taking is an effort, giving, on the other hand also an effort. Tarik is an effort and ulur, otoh is also an effort.

I’m suck on relationship. I freak out my self, I freak out my partners, also parents and others. I’m suck on tarik ulur and so called strategies, you name it lah.

I act with my ratio, when I should listen to my heart. I listen my heart when I should think, instead. What was left is I am no one but a lonely broken hearted. BAGOS!

Anyway, I’m not going to have another session of heart to heart, which I’ve already had before..hehehe.

Off we goooo..

My new mobile phone has this feature for bluetooth, when pairing, called search and listen. So when pairing 2devices, one device is “search”ing a signal, the other is “listen”ing/picking up/something like that lah.. so the first device could find it easily and effortless.

To me relationship is more like that. Any relationship. And we searching and listening each other. And it makes it has never been easy to both side searcher and listener.

But then when the searcher do search as the benefit of him/herself. And so does the listener, he/she listen for the benefit of him/herself then everything will be just so lite and simple.

I’m morelike a searcher type. To anybody I like. But then, once in a while I just simply want to be searched. I’ll listen.


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