udin and the meaning

Encrypted mp3 file, entitled udin.

Indonesia having a lot of peeps who are called udin. May be that inspired a person to create a song which is lately hanging around at the internet and ‎​ввм®. The song is entitled udin. The song story us al lot of udin’s full name’s meaning. Like “kamarudin” for udin who likes to be at his room all the time (kamar=room), or “aminudin” for udin who is so religious therefore he tends to say ameen.

And I have this friend who is called udin. And nowadays I do sh*t chat with her. I mean literally. Everytime I have my stomach blowdowned (its a process eng thing. Leave it!), I PING her and we do chat.

And so we talk only the sh*t related. She calls the sh*t with “piscok” (banana chocolate pastry), which has hard texture and brown color, which is very similar to her sh*t, that is hard all the time. Hahahahaha..I talk sh*t! Hahahahaha..for her! Also she is very blunt in this matter. I just can not top that up, though I thought I’m a nasty-blunt-talker person. Wew! And simply nobody can top that up!

And we don’t not just share talk. We share songs that could help opening the BDV so the blowdown process will be successfully depressuring the stomach (a.k.a bikin mules).

I am very thankful having you as a friend din,while bokering. And so I dub you as “piscokudin”. Udin who likes piscok soooo much! Hahahahahahaha..


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