have you given all or havent you?

This idea came up when I was at a conversation with a friend. That a girl is not supposed to give ‘all’ that she has to her lover or anyone. I agree. Should be rules when who and what to give or even how.

What is ‘all’??
Why regret??
What if you had given ‘all’??

Some of you might think that by ‘all’ I mean sex. Nope. I’m not going to tell you the ‘all’ that means sex. Though it’s true, in single point of view, yeah. As a moslem, I should not give my ‘all’ that means anything related to sex to anyone. And by sex I mean first, second and third base (I just said all to define total, though I don’t know the barrier of each base). But not this kind of all that I want to discuss.

Other day I had other conv. What is the concept of Suka-Sayang-Cinta. Based on an article he found in the internet, Suka means ingin memiliki.. Sayang means ingin membahagiakan.. Cinta means pengorbanan. I’m not going to discuss whether it is rite or wrong.

Anyway, let’s just discuss Sayang dan Cinta. If you Sayang to a person, you tend to care to the person. You want the person to be happy, when he/she sad, you could feel it, and tend to do something so he/she would stop being sad, and turn be happy instead.

Love in other hand, is having deeper meaning of feeling. By the same problem, if you Sayang or you Cinta, could have the very same act of reaction or the very reverse side.. Case by case.

For instant, your girlfriend is facing a problem with her friends. Her friends hate you and tell bad about you. And so your girl friend is defending you.

What would you do???

You could just follow what you want, and be mad as mad as your girlfriend. And start to hate her friends, and to make her happy at that time, you could just agree her and provoke her to stay away from her friends, how ever you feel you are right. But then this will make the circle of disliking even bigger. And your girl’ll loose her friend. If you just think further, you will choose to have careless with what her friends’ feeling to you, and find a way to stop your girl’s madness and start to embracing her friends. That’s CINTA.

May be my example is not right or my concept of SAYANG vs CINTA also not right, anyway .. For me, I’m a learner! And the only way to know how to LOVE is by loving. Not by waiting to the feeling to come. And so keeping the flame to be always in your heart is also a hard work..to always ignite it..whenever you feel you need to.

Kembali ke laptop!

All..to me (again, I’m single) is not the sex..but to try as best as you can to not to have sex though you can and you want it sooooo bad, and still you want him.. THAT IS ALL! And so any other flaw will not be mattered to you. Gone. Easy. Piece of cake. And that is CINTA.

Happy weekend!


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