conversation..sindrom paruh baya,hedeee

This darn conversation happened this morning..after I had to come to the 20th floor to give out docs. I was at the lift down back to the 12Ath. And there’s this kind-old man, a very random man..which I have no idea who is he, came in from 19th.

He smiled at me..and pushed the 2nd floor button.
he: “eh ibu'”(my comment –>strike one!)
me: smiled back at him
He: “apa kabar bu?anaknya sdh berapa? (my comment –> strike two!
sdh dua kan ya? (my comment –> strike three!)
Me: “belum pak..” And I touched my stomach just to embrace my syndrome.
He: “alhamdulillah..” (my comment: what was that for?!)

Sigh.. And dead air.. But he didn’t stop there!!

He: “tp sdh nikah kan?” (my comment –> strike four! But then I mumbled aameen)
Me: “belum jg Pak..”
He: “ooo.. Baguslah kalo begitu!” (my comment: WHAT WAS THAT FOR!!!)

Take a deep breath..upiek please..


4 thoughts on “conversation..sindrom paruh baya,hedeee

  1. rifqie says:

    ngeri. hahahahaha

  2. monsieur mémémémé says:

    oh this is priceless. you can just always be mean and say “well sir, does it make you happy to poke into some single lady’s life?” 😀

  3. ordinaryharish says:

    hihihi..ikut ngakak aah 😀

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