brand or image building

once. long time ago… i asked a friend who is a psychologist whether i attract the wrong men.

surprisingly she wasnt asked me how do i know, or other question, and she didnt even try to calm me down.

she,instead, asked me “how do you want people to see you” i was dumbfounded and left the conversation with no answer. it’s not me who wanted to satisfy her question,that got me so grumpy at the moment but it was me who were there with and unanswered question to my self.

but then after the secondly i met her  i was finally able to answer it. “i want people to see me differently. and i want people to see me as i think differently. i dont want to be so predictable. i want to stun them with my different yet right thoughts.

and so she said. “you have made your self clear. that is how i see you now. and you have sold it. only sometimes not just you who have a thoughts on some branding or image. even i, i dont know what kind of man i want to my future.” she made a good point.

that is why probably i never enjoy TOP 40 chartz before (i said:before). i dont do mainstreamer before (i said:before). i dress differently with my own way. that is my way of communicating my brand image.

brand building is one of marketing strategy to attract the rite costumer. as sometimes not the pointed costumers who finally get attracted, but so what? we never know rite or wrong, or no?

but my question, when it comes to love, does it have to be branded or imaged or so? or we could just find what suits the relationship and apply it? i have no idea.


One thought on “brand or image building

  1. monsieur mémémémé says:

    your grammar is degrading. do yourself some favor by drilling your english (this is me telling you as a friend 😀

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