friend of life

Last weekend I went to Bogor. I was with my boss,other department lil boss,,and mailisa. We went to Daud’s house to convey our deepest condolences. Daud’s dad has passed away 2days before.
When we passing through Istana Bogor, there’s this tree which is kinda old and super big. I was thinking it’s like 4 trees blended each other. But turns it is truly one tree.
My boss suddenly said..”That’s the tree of life” and yes, I wanna be the tree of life. Not it’s ages..but the fact that this tree is a witness of life.
And yes. You are my tree of life. And I wanna be the tree for you..I wanna be a friend of life. Sharing, witnessing, living the life together. I definitely could not be a single tree to grow big. But I’m sure together we could blend each other and grow big.


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