a friend said love is unreal. it’s only what you feel. but commitment is.

i questioned, how on earth a person could not-loving someone but able to keep a commitment, or could not?

a friend said, well, you could only be falling in love in 2 years. your first 2 years is like in heaven. you’ll be sooo high. so that you are able to do things you couldnt if you’re not in love. after that, it would bore you. and you will start to be your self and start to complain.

i questioned, and so there you need the commitment? how could a person, a living person keep the commitment after that?

a friend said, love is only to open the gate. when you falling in love, you have the energy to do the commitment. and commitment is about to living the commitment. to do it instead to talk about it. the hard time is to begin it. and love is the key to the gate. after several time you do, it becomes a habbit, and by the end of the day commitment is easy.



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