time is everything?or failing is everything?

i am now enjoying gym so much.

tuesday – belly dancing and 3km of jogging,

wednesday – combat (that is all)

saturday – free styler

sunday – setiabudi-semanggi-setiabudi jogging.

and so after the brag (hihihi), comes the story.

i was sooooo dumb at dancing. and it includes belly dance. it is sooooo hard!!!! to differentiate between shaking your belly and shaking your hips. how should i differentiate? when my belly shakes, my butt and hips also shake, and so my body to. huahuahuahauh…

and this teacher, was soooooo tega deh lo. she did shimi and chest something (when you move your chest like you want to open it up). last weekend i was totally a watcher. i cant catching up. theres no way i can do that. but last nite, it was ok! i was surprise to my self. though its not perfect and far awaaaaaaaay from sensual >> funny instead, well, yeahhh… give me some appreciation for my progress. if i keep doing this for three years, i belive i can do sooooo! pray for that.

and so do other things that i can not do. i will be able eventually. it’s just not the time yet. hahahaha…


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