me and hiheels

once i went to a shoesstore, with him, and he chose a pair of shoes for me. i like the shoes mucho mucho…  it really looks good on my feet. it was a very high hiheels. at least for a beginner like me.

but then, have to admit the first month it was a feet-monster. they ate your feet. hahahaha. i was pretending nothing happened. smile. smile. smile, as wide as the screen. smile is the pain-killer. and of course the way it looked like on my feet was just soooo pain-killer. i said, only the first month (more less laaah)… and so done the pain here come the raising age of the shoes. hahahaha. i used them all time. so many time my clothes are not the same theme with them. hahahahaha…

a few days ago i find another pair of hiheels. yippie. it was way simpler, yet looks nice on my feet.

i start to think it is my feet that are nice. hhuahuahuahuahau…

and again, though i have learnt on how should i pick my next hiheels, still i have to struggle with my new shoes. they still are killing. and so i thought to stop using them. but any time i see how nice they are on my feet, i just cant help.

i dont know is there any relation between this with what i wanna tell you after this.

i have this close friend, i cant tell who is she, with a very complicated relationship with her boyfriend. by complicated, i meant it was like a pair of hiheels. they always fight, but then back to cuddle each other in like less than 5 minutes. and if you see how they fight, you might also think that it is a very small chances that they will stay still, but not. any time i checked, they are as okay as many other couple. smiling.

as my vacation, dont ask from which couple, i picked this topic up. it could be mine. could be yours, could be general. i learnt how hard to keep your relationship stay still. i was proud that mine could last a few months, though with no huge fight, when i saw other have to struggle to keep their feet smiling as they use the very comfy shoes.

and so come in mind, is their any in this world a very comfy shoes, as such you dont have to struggle while wearing them on, yet look nice on your feet? if shoes what i really talking about, i believe, yes. there are plenty. how bout relationship? what is the exact formula that i can freeze in mind, and have them re-played as a you tube video?



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