do people really grow up?

some one said “we never really grow up. we only learn how to act in public.”

and i said, yeah. in some parts she made a point. but do we?

i learnt that we have to change. yup. something should be changed. in order to adjust. it’s not always wrong-rite taking side. nope. but it’s about adjusting.

when a person who really meant something to you, asked you please be this or be that. you could choose to be this or that or other this or that or you can stay still be just the way you are and let them change. choosing is your pleasure. but as we all know, anything comes with the risks. you can loose, you can fight, you can be happy, ooorrrr…sad. or you can keep the relationship longer.

growing up means that you are a bit older, wiser,  or to develop something, could be physically and mentality. and by growing up means the act prior the growing up is the vice versa. no body really is childish when all you need is just to be more unstable to be fit on a community.

it really is not an excuse. hahahaha…

but then, is growing up is only a matter of how you act in public? is is all about how you represent your self? when you suppose to act wise, instead you act childish, and as such they say you dont grow up, i can not agree to the expression. grow up sometimes to me is a matter how you see things. how you process it and how you present the result.

somethings need to be just come in the right ear and directly come out from the left ear. just simply as it. never take grant for this stuff.

somethings need to be processed in your brain through your ratio.

and a lot of things need to come in and stayed for a bit longer in your heart, and together with the ratio, you decide. you act with ratio or your heart.

and a real grown up know which one which one. and, have i been?


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