stalking… me??? nuuuuuh waaeeehhh…

stalking is my hobby. not in a bad way like you wanna know time to time activity, secret and unspoken things. no. it’s not like that. well, yeah sometimes, but again, not in a bad way. at least i say.

i dont know whether you can call this stalking, like in bbm, you have the recent updates drop down list, and you will see recently changed status or prof pic. anytime i am free, i like to check the updates, and when there is a catchy status, i greet the person using the status. also from fb, and from twitter.

or when i meet new people, i like to google his/her name. just to know what is he/she doing in the internet. but sometimes, when i meet new man, in purpose of having a more than just friend relationship, i google his name to the deepest. to check his background. anyway…

like this blog i fond, i update any new posts from his blog. i put his RSS Feed in my reader. so i would know if he has a new post. now he is working at the same building with me. and when i meet him, i was that surprise as such i came to him and say hi, and tell him how i fan his blog and his thought a lot. and ask him some of his real world facts, like where he lives. all i got is his dumbfounded face and see me like i’m a ghost. at the moment suddenly i realized, yeah! i’m a stalker. and he is the celebrity.

or other case, there’s this blog, the owner never really gave me the address to his blog. but i find it by the kindness of mbah google. well it was easy actually. i typed the same title of his other blog in google. the blog was a bit private i guess. no body even left a comment. and he spitted out some things i never hear from him. so i kept it just for my curiousity. stupid me, he found out that i have his address and suddenly i feel how annoyed being stalked is. and it was ringing me why the heck he stopped writing.


fyi only yeah… it wasn’t you the only who has blog, who has fan to the blog, or a secret admirer to the blog. and slash or secret admirer. hahahaha… i just dont know whoelse.


so i stopped saying hi to him though it is very often we bump each other in the building area. even once, we were in one lift only the two of us. i am afraid if he feels annoyed and stalked and so he move to other company for that sake. hahahaha… sound so stalker huh?

and so i also unsubscribed the other blog RSS Feed, so he could continue to write. i wont see. no more. hahahaha…

as i today stop stalking, when my heart cannot stop beating, as if it is burnt. hahahaha… but please dont stop stalking me folks!


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