i’m done…so done without you.

see… this is what happened when you’re not arround. hahaha…

done with facebook. all peeps status, and each status’ comments, i’ve check one in every two minutes.

done with twitter.  that all tweets’ links, pic, even for a tweeps that are tweeting 6tweets each minutes, i catch their tweets up in a speed like every 2 or 3 tweets come in.

done with blogs. my blog, even i have to write this post??? you think? celeb blog, famous blog even blogs that i commonly left the Feed unread, to hundreds posts because they are too much. i have read them all.

TV? amira, aaaanything. done.

sleeps? after doing such a fun things above? i still slept like 4-5 hours in daytime?

housekeeping? Ah! i washed a queen sized quilt, quilt cover, that are weighted almost the same with my weight after dipped in the water. and iron them already.

yeah. i am done now. off to bed (again??)


One thought on “i’m done…so done without you.

  1. candra says:

    Bisa minta email atau fb totok subagyo tekim angkatan 99 dulu saya. Tekim juga tapi tahun 00 sy pindah kedokteran uns hehe month njalin silaturahmi lagi

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