a poem

just read a poem (i’m guessing). a very sad poem (again, guessing)… anyway, only the author who could interpret the poem better. check the poem http://blog.adhiirawan.com/2011/09/building-a-dreamhouse/.

prior to this, a friend once said, “aaaahhhh… women!”, it was when we talked about break ups. he is, i dont know why, having this thought of women are cruel. are men’s-hearts-breakers. hahahaha…

but it’s not about gender. men are some even lebih brengsek (it is more convenient to use the b word).

to me it really is about love. starting a relationship is all about love, and to me, same as starting, ending it is all about love as well.

love is when you are asked why do you love a person, you can only answer it “i dont know.”

if you know why, it means you love him conditionally. it’s not love. and same as the ending, when you are asked why you dont love him anymore, you can only answer it “i dont know.”

but breaking up with someone you used to love is not easy. you need a solid reason. and a “no longer feeling something” is not an acceptable reason. though it really is a deal breaker. then peeps are making up reasons.

other friend said. loving people and relationship is like a gamble game. loving is taking the risk of losing.

❤ ❤ ❤

for me LOVE’s not a game.

by loving you, i am not gambling now.

by loving you, i dont take any risk to get a return.

i dont care whether i will get a jackpot of love love love or else be crashed.

i just know it’s what i should be now.

I L.O.V.E YOU… and that’s it. 

❤ ❤ ❤

*but though, i like the poem, sooooo much. i bet the author is a very romantic person*


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