happy happy…hiyehiyehiyeeeee…

would like to congrats my self, have passed one more year, happy happy happy mariana…hehehe…

yesterday i cried. like a baby. all day long. hahaha… i read a bbm group chats of marrieds brag the life of being coupled to single for fun. i found it funny though, but still, its just too painful for me to read. it reminds me of what i have and what i havent had. remembering that yesterday will be the last day of me being 28. and today will be the first day of the last year for me being 20ish was really not easy.

i was thinking, i’m old, with no achievement. hahahaha.

but then passing through today, i realized, i was wrong.

before, i would like to congrats my self. congrats mariana… hihihihi…

and so i was just too stupid to realize,this year is a great year. a year full of L.O.V.E… year of being sooooo much in love. and i would like to thank him, for always being arround for me. love, love love…

and this year is also a year moving my stupid ass to safety dept. it was somehow somewhat somewew a bless. i just dont know how to connect the dot yet.

both are achievement. and both are memorable.


One thought on “happy happy…hiyehiyehiyeeeee…

  1. rifqie says:

    yipppieee…who’s that lucky guy? 😀
    wish you a wonderful life, mbak upiek 🙂

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