Si manis jembatan ancol #1

Things that happened in your life are like dots. At the end if you connect the dots nicely, you will get to know why the dots were there at the first thing. Life is line by line of connector, dot by dot of stop by.

When you see life as a 3D, those lines actually are not a straigth lines. They go up and down..and sometime they swing to a-seemed-not-connected-dot,or sometime we just took more time to finish the mission of our dot. The dots are there for a beautiful reasons,only Allah’s know why where, how, when and what.

The problem is we don’t know how to connect the dots, yet
We complain much…

Stay if you need more time to solve your dot. Stay if you need to, enjoy and followthrough the line, dont ask much, Insya Allah, Allah will show you the picture of the connected dots.

~i just cant sleep~


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