Si manis jembatan ancol #2

It was rain. On my way home from the office, i saw a girl..i guess, wearing that hoodie, a white scarf, and a very tight and mini skirt, to disappoint me, she wasnt wearing a white coctail dress sih.

It was rain. She is very sweet looking. And it was far enough from Ancol. And she is way from looking like si manis jembatan Ancol…tapi bookk hujan getolohhhh so creepy nggak si?

Any way it wasnt my point. My point is you dont know who she is. She could be someone who is very sweet..on her daily life. But she could simply remind me of si manis though she was far from looking like her.

Anybody could say anything… But you could only believe in Allah. And i believe Allah must mean something creating a dot like this.

~~i just cant sleeeeep~~


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