Si manis jembatan Ancol #3 tamat

One day i said to my self, possitively, an affirmation to the universe, that someday i will do this do that..again, this and that.. And now i shall say i quit, anyway universe ows me a slap for that.

Its not that i stop dreaming, i’m just coning my wishes. halaaaah … mending balik ke si manis.

The sweet girl was alone. What scared me was she was not looking to the road. she walked straight though, yet she looked down all the time. (hiyaaaah, how did i found she was sweet ya?? She was, i just knew it) no umbrella, eventhough the water was falling on her head. She just didnt care. She walked and walked and walked like in a rush.

Back to the dot, its up to you if you want to sneak peek the un finished big picture..or trying to guess what is it going to be.. You can try to connect the dot. You might get it right. Or you may not. After all Allah has His timing..and semua itu indah pd waktuNya sooo leave Him connect them for you.. Predominantly you will loose your time just forguessing and asking while you can enjoy. Anyway asking is good, cause by asking you will get big dots as your wish. just dont forget to enjoy yaaaa…

~~~i shall sleep and work for other dots of my life tomorrow~~~


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