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Back here again

I start to write again…



bekasi revealed

2 hari kemaren adalah hari2 pembebasan. gw ada dibekasi. ditempat om gw. well, jumat kemaren dia nanyain berbagai pertanyaan yg gw rasa juga pertanyaan banyak org. ssssssiiiiiiieeeeeeeehhhhhh…. berasa artis ajah… pertanyaan banyak wartawan… hayah!

kenapa gini kenapa gitu…

kenapa gak gini? kenapa gak gitu?

gini ajah gitu ajah…

ha ha… *tertawa miris*

but… ada satu hal yg gue suka dari om gw. dia sangat netral. tidak pake emosi. bahkan pada saat2 dimana dia menyela dan gue menyela. dia menghormati segala pendapat gue. dia tetep berusaha memberikan praduga tak bersalah, tanpa ada judgement negatif dari dia pribadi, dan ketika membicarakan kenyataan dia tidak ragu dan merasa bersalah untuk mengeluarkannya. mgkn karena orientasi pembicaraan kita adalah “the hell masa lalu…kedepannya gimana…”

dan gue jadi bisa membahas segala hal ini dengan tuntas. dan the fact. dia ngedukung apa yg gue prinsipkan saat ini. yay! senang rasanya bisa menjelaskan tanpa menutup2 sesuatu apapun dan mendapatkan pendukung sekaligus pengkritik yg enak didengar. 

and he said, “opo’o gak ket wingi2 ae yo aku mrene…” pas gw mgkn terlihat seperti terbebaskan.

ha ha.

mgkn ini adalah berkah silaturahmi…

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Q & A


oleh:/ Ratih Sanggarwati/



Doa yang kupanjatkan ketika aku masih gadis:

*”Ya Allah beri aku calon suami yang baik, yang sholeh. Beri aku suami yang dapat kujadikan imam dalam keluargaku.”*



Ketika kupanjatkan doa-doa itu, aku membayangkan Allah tersenyum dan berkata….. .

*”Engkau ingin suami yang baik dan sholeh sudahkah engkau sendiri baik dan sholehah?

Engkau ingin suamimu jadi imam, akankah engkau jadi makmum yang baik?”*


huahahahahaha *tertawa miris…*

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today my boss sent me an email : me to catch up the assessment of my secondment to SA this year. they have given the feedback. my boss asked me to see it. and give comment on it. agree it, or disagree.

there was an unsatisfied feeling coming through for a while. but a… suddenly i remember a thing that a friend, a very best friend *thanks to be the ever-be-the-one-that-stand-by-next-to-me-for-whatever-i-am.*of mine has ever said “i dont wanna make to much effort… it’s just a wordly manner. that we dont live it forever. so y would we bother it? just be genuine, be sincere. give it away.” . finally the sentences kissed away all the dissatisfaction.

i’ve given all my life to it. i’ve tried as hard as i could. if then they thought i’m not as good as they want… and i failed it. it’s just a matter of the result. that i belive that Allah doesnt care of the result. He care of what i’ve done. and if i failed that… it’s another assessment that i have to take. that He would give the thorough feedback after all my secondment and assessment have been done. and i really do hope that i wont fail.

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let’s c

only now i use WP’s tag/cloud. hihihi. and eversince i havent tagged “happy” to any post.

let’s just c… when will i have it. hihihihi…

::just wondering. today, on other part of earth, obama will be inaugurated. today, on another else part of earth the palestinian might suffer other bombs. today here… the other part of earth, i feel numb. what should i do then???::

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my fasting

again, it isnt appropriate to tell story about this kind of stuff to people. but again. there something behind it that i wanna share.

yesterday i finally broke my fasting rite on the maghrib’s adzan. yay!YATTA!!!

actually i planned to have more, cause yesterday’s fasting isnt that hard to be done. cause there is no such heavy temptation. hiihhi…but i cant. today is my period time. let’s c after my period.

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perempuan berkalung sorban


last nite i finally watched the perempuan berkalun sorban. i enjoyed sooo much.

some of the issues they bring are woman issues. that woman in Moslem is the one who always be the second. that woman cant have any dream which arent related to the marriage. which i think it wasnt that extreme.

that, it is true woman has to raise children, but it doesnt mean that we have to stay home all the time. it doesnt mean that we cant have other vision out of our children. it doesnt mean that we cant have dream.

that, it’s true the life that we are living now is just a temporary, that we arent supposed to forget the life after the end of the world. that we supposed to prior all things that related to God. but it doesnt really mean that we cant have dreams or make them come true, rite. that we can still serve our husband in the middle of the Great Wall of China. or we can still have shalat in the middle of the Hawaii beach. anything.

we can still raise our child in the middle of the hectic of our job. it’s all the matter of how we face it.

what a life.

::my theory is: that chasing dreams might be a useless action cause it might wont last forever, but it doesnt mean we cant do it rite? if you are asking “why shall we chase or even have dream than???”, all i can say just a big “i dont know”::

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what i think this moment

piping is a very stressing departement. ngeliat pipa2 wuuuuuuuaaaaakkkkkeeeehhhh men.

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